Promoting Websites Using Social Media & Marketing

Using social media and marketing together is an effective method of promoting your website business. Social media can refer to anything from the shortest tweet to the longest blog manifesto. The common factor is the immediacy of release, potential of quick spread, and ability for response. “Going viral” is great when it’s something positive for your business, yet awful when something offensive or controversial is connected to your site.

Change is the one consistency in social media these days. Currently, photo sites seem to be gaining a stronghold. Make sure your photos and captions are original, well composed, and non-offensive. If you can’t keep up with generating content for social media platforms, you should look into hiring professional freelance writers to create material for you.

Social media can build an awareness of your product. Using proper SEO keyword selections can help those aware consumers find you online. Search engine optimization is the process of using the best keywords on your website to help your business get a higher listing in search engine results.

So much of advertising is truly scatter-shot and just exists as background static. With search engine optimization, an engaged consumer is led to your site first. There are tools from the big search engines like Google and Bing, that list the most popular search terms by industry and product. It’s also helpful to look at your competitors and similar businesses for their keywords. Always remember that when you use social media and marketing together, your website can’t help but be successful.


Cathy Logan is a freelance writer who specializes in consumer topics such as watches and jewelry, 45 records and SEO basics.