SEO Content Marketing

SEO content marketing is the practice of investing resources in optimizing online content to promote your message, product or service, and to achieve higher rankings within search engines. This leads to more page views and, ultimately, successful marketing of your content. As search engines are primarily used to find local business information on the web, increasing the exposure and relevancy of your online content is an effective marketing strategy.

Search Engine Optimization content is how experienced content developers can help guide search engines to easily crawl their content as highly relevant (including commonly searched keywords) and important (popular in terms of page visits). SEO content includes keywords, links, and other improvements to web content to improve how the page is ranked by search engines. Understanding how search engines rank pages, in terms of relevancy and importance, can help SEO marketers to achieve better positioning for their content in search results. Higher rankings in search results leads to better visibility, and therefore more potential business.

Common tips to improve your SEO marketing are to keep the most relevant marketing information up front, use keywords that users might search for, include these keywords in both a human-friendly URL as well as in the content, and embed relevant text links in a clear, and hierarchical manner, so they can be crawled by search engines. Check what terms people are searching for to help drive traffic to your page and internationalize your content. Also, use “alt” tags on your non-text content to help search engines use them which will increase the relevancy of your content. SEO marketing is no longer just meta keywords and keyword stuffing. These days, social media marketing is among one of the primary methods for SEO.

As the billion dollar industry of interactive online marketing continues to grow, so does SEO content marketing. Whether, you seek professional help or venture to optimize your content yourself, this effective advertising and marketing technique is expected to continue to be highly utilized for online competitive edge.


Krysten Oates is a freelance writer who specializes in SEO content marketing.

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