Search Engine Positioning: The Top Ten Most Listed

When you enter a search query there are often millions of hits that match that phrase, but ultimately only the first ten hits appear on the first page. Most users never leave the first search page and if you are behind in the numbers chances are your web site will be skipped over. Search engine positioning ensures your site will be on that top-ten list.

What is your web site about? How will people search for its subject? If your site is for pirate costumes, you want your site to be in the top ten of those keywords any time they are queried. To better your odds, you should make sure every page on your web site also has keywords related to your site’s subject matter. Is one page devoted to hats? “Pirate hats” would be your keyword for that section. Make sure to follow suit for other related content.

Effective keywords and placement are only one way to carve your spot on the top searches. Contact other pages on the top ten with subjects related to your keywords and ask if they can link back to your page. Search engine algorithms use links to your site to measure where to place your page on the list.

Tweaking your website will help your page be ranked close to the top of the search engine positioning. A few simple changes can make all the difference between being the three hundred and eleventh listing or being on the top ten and your site gaining traffic and business.


Janae Marshall is a freelance writer who specializes in consumer education topics such as: fine jewelry, fast cars, search engine positioning and how to be a successful pirate captain.

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