Marketing a Website: Successful Strategies for Selling Your Website

You’ve done it! You’ve finally done it! You have secured a name, the HTML formatting, professional design-you have a website! Now that you have it, you need people to see it. Online traffic, sales and income are waiting to begin but how do you spread the word? Marketing a website is simple and there are copious ways to get your site noticed.

Social media marketing is a fantastic method to get word out while creating a clientele and relationships with your customers in one fell swoop. Generate an account on any of the varied outlets available, such as Facebook or Twitter. With Facebook, you can create ads that will show up to people with similar interests, or join groups for like companies. Twitter allows you to post with hash tags, and when the thousands of other uses see your hash tagged post, they can re-tweet and spread the word.

Another popular option is enlisting an SEO (search engine optimization) platform. With the right modifications, you can reach a high search engine ranking through properly used and placed keywords. Descriptive, keyword plush titles, make it easier for the search engine to associate your page with the query.  Also, lace your keywords throughout any headers, the first paragraph and in hyperlinks. The key is not to over saturate, but properly drop the keywords where the search engine’s algorithms will find them. Magic.

There is also the old-fashioned marketing technique of putting your URL on any paper goods that are printed like business cards, fliers, and brochures. Printed classified ads-in both the newspapers and classified-only papers, also allow you to get word out about your website. Marketing a website doesn’t take expert skills, just knowledge of social media, how to tweak your websites keywords, and simple, good old printed information. 


Janae Marshall is a freelance writer who specializes in consumer education topics such as: fine jewelry, fast cars, marketing a website and how to be a successful pirate captain with the scurviest crew. 

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