Tips for Marketing and SEO

The key to being profitable online is having a strong plan. Therefore, well thought out marketing and SEO are a necessary part of a strong foundation of any online business. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you begin to build you online presence. When designing your website always remember to favor a simple, easy to use design over something flashy. If the average person cannot find what they are looking for, they will look elsewhere. Make sure your site works with a wide range of browsers, as you want to make sure your site looks professional no matter what it is viewed on.

Once you have a strong design down, you should try to find a posting schedule that works for you, but is consistent. Posting new content at regular intervals will help your customers know when to come back and always find the latest (and greatest!) from you. Then start getting content out there! Quality, well written content is something that will bring many customers back for more. Content writers can help with this or you can do it yourself but any way you do it, quality is the key!

Link everything! When you have a promotion, put it on your Facebook page, link it to your site, link it from your Twitter. Make sure as many people as possible read it and become aware of your other social media sites. If you get them to follow you, then they are always listening and advertising becomes much more effective.

Marketing and SEO is ever changing and very important to your success, but having the backbone of a well designed, functional website will help you out immeasurably in the long run. When search engines and social media sites are working for you, the sky is the limit!



Brendan Colon is a freelance writer who specializes in education on a variety of topics such as: web design, marketing and SEO, massage therapy and holistic health

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