Search Engine Marketing: Unobtrusive and Effective Marketing

You’re selling socks, but not just any socks-ninja toe socks to wear with sandals. You need to make sure that the buyers hunting for your socks can find your page, but how? You do not want to be invisible like the ninja. Will your site be the ad on the top of the page? The first web page listed? Search engine marketing will help your site through targeting the search traffic.

Organic search results are those that are listed due to their relevance to certain search terms and can not be paid for. These work well since they are formatted to the settings of the search engine’s algorithms. The algorithms are comprised of text on a site, number of pages indexed, as well as user particulars like link backs. Many websites utilize an SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) to re-organize their layout to better fit the algorithms. This re-formatting is done from the ground up, for both content and the codes of the website. Proper formatting leads to the chose page being more easily found within one or several search engines.

Paid listings are most often Pay-per-Click (PPC) or Cost-per-Click (CPC). PPC/CPC ads direct the customer to a specified page on the advertiser’s site. The advertiser only pays for each time the ad for their search listing is clicked by a user. The cost of the clicks are determined by advertiser bids in auctions, where prices fluctuate by competitor bids, keyword competition, and other ad space dynamics. Paid inclusions, or sponsored listings, are also an option for pages that want higher status among listings on a search engine page.

From either optimizing your page to match set algorithms, or paying a little to be seen, search engine marketing can put your web page in the path of your target market.


Janae Marshall is a freelance writer who specializes in consumer education topics such as: fine jewelry, fast cars, social media marketing and how to be a successful pirate captain.

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