An Introduction to Website Management

What is website management? You put your soul into building a great website for your business. You may think you’re finished, but a site needs to be watched and occasionally groomed. Don’t be scared, it’s easily done. The two main areas you need to be concerned about are content and SEO planning. The guts and design of your website needs to grow over time. It can’t be stagnant. Website material needs to be updated and refreshed to reflect changes in your business and consumer trends.

Your site will need viable, new, interesting material to engage your customers. If it gets to be too much to generate it yourself, hire professional freelance writers. These writers can help you look at topics and your site with new eyes. You may want to add a blog to your website to educate and inform your customers. Is there an area of your field that’s interesting or compelling? Or parts of your business that are unknown to the public? These may be great blog topics. Be sure to build in ways for consumers to comment on what they’re reading while making sure to respond to any complaints or spam.

How will consumers find all this great new content on your site? This is where keywords placed on your site as part of an SEO plan come into play. Search engine optimization is the way to make sure that consumers who are looking for your products find you first. SEO means choosing effective keywords that search engines respond to. Two ways to find the best keywords are to check out similar businesses in your field and to utilize search engine tools for the most popular search terms. By using the best possible content and keywords, optimum website management can be achieved.


Cathy Logan is a freelance writer who specializes in consumer topics such as 1960s fashion, watches, jewelry and SEO basics.

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