Social Media & Website Management: Equal Online Results

Social media and website management can go hand in hand to produce effective sales growth for your business. Consumer awareness and the ability to be found can result in strong repeat sales creating a known brand with buyer loyalty.

There are various social media platforms can be integrated with content that speaks directly to your customers about what’s new in your industry. Don’t trust your social media image to just anyone—the internet savvy intern can’t be trusted to have your best interests at heart while posting! If you’re not comfortable posting on social media platforms, hire professional freelance writers to develop content for you. You can still control the image and the information that gets put out in your name without having to do the daily work of writing and posting online.

If you want to post on photo sites such as Instagram or Pinterest, make sure your photos are sharp, well composed, and something you want representing your business. Always, double check before posting. Once it’s on line, it’s out there. A blog can help drive repeat visits to your site, but it’s a commitment to keep it current with regular posts.

Managing your website can be done easily with tools that can be found online. Are your keywords helping your search engine placement? SEO stands for search engine optimization. It’s a way to insure your site pops up in search engine results. By using the best keywords, your customers will find you first, and you will be listed higher in results. Search engines have tools for finding the most popular search terms per industry, and you should use the ones that are the most popular for optimum results. Social media and internet marketing when used together can help your website succeed for both you and your customers.


Cathy Logan is a freelance writer who specializes in consumer topics such as watches, jewelry, SEO basics, and the history of saddle shoes.

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