Basic Website Marketing

Looking for fast and easy methods for website marketing? A good place to start is SEO, which stands for search engine optimization. This is an effective way to help the people who are looking for what you sell to find you first. Keywords are the way to insure your site comes up early in web search results. For example, if you sell cat toys, you need to refer to them specifically (yarn & catnip cat toys) and generally (cat toys) to receive the most listings from search engines.

Who are your customers? Look for successful sites that serve them to see what they are doing right. The terms and words your competition uses may be the key to successful marketing. The only constant about the internet is change. You will need to constantly be updating and changing your content. Have some items featured on your site become old? You will need to remove anything that’s dated and replace it with newer selections. Be sure to add any new terms to your keyword for search engine positioning.

Are your competitors all over social media? You need to be there, too. It can be a little overwhelming to maintain a presence on the various platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterst, etc.) so you may want to consider hiring a professional freelance writers to help manage and create posts for you. Decide how you want to be seen before jumping in what you want your social media image to be. Do you want your posting personality to be strictly informational, warm and friendly, or something else entirely different? Whatever it is, make sure it fits your business, and is consistent in all formats.

If you work on choosing the right keywords and have the correct social media profile, website marketing can be a breeze.


Cathy Logan is a freelance writer who specializes in topics such as: fashion & vintage watches, canine health, and SEO basics.

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