Social Media Marketing: Customers to Brand Advocates

Social media marketing has a nearly limitless reach to an expansive audience at what is the internet office water cooler. It began many moons ago with blogs and comment conversations. Now, it is minute-to-minute tweets and sharing on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. With the right sharable content, users will share and share alike, spreading it down the extensive online grapevine.

Word-of-mouth is still powerful media for companies, although these days those words are often seen on a screen rather than spoken. Social sites are teeming with the opportunity to bolster customer relations, site traffic, conversations and brand awareness. These sites are simple to use and readily available to anyone with internet access. They reach across thousands of networks to connect countless consumers.

Social media accounts also allow brands to have a direct relationship with their customers. These customers are able to easily contact the social media page with questions, comments, and receive expedited and personal feedback. This creates a trust with the customer base that facilitates the growth of feedback. This in turn, allows the followers of each customer and the public, to view this interaction and see that the company is reaching out.

These days, there are so many more avenues in which to expand business online than traditional paid advertising. It’s no wonder why companies are benefiting greatly from social media marketing. The ability to pop a quick tweet, upload a photo of your product, or respond to a comment on your company’s profile page can make your business more tangible and accepted to consumers.


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An Introduction to Website Management

What is website management? You put your soul into building a great website for your business. You may think you’re finished, but a site needs to be watched and occasionally groomed. Don’t be scared, it’s easily done. The two main areas you need to be concerned about are content and SEO planning. The guts and design of your website needs to grow over time. It can’t be stagnant. Website material needs to be updated and refreshed to reflect changes in your business and consumer trends.

Your site will need viable, new, interesting material to engage your customers. If it gets to be too much to generate it yourself, hire professional freelance writers. These writers can help you look at topics and your site with new eyes. You may want to add a blog to your website to educate and inform your customers. Is there an area of your field that’s interesting or compelling? Or parts of your business that are unknown to the public? These may be great blog topics. Be sure to build in ways for consumers to comment on what they’re reading while making sure to respond to any complaints or spam.

How will consumers find all this great new content on your site? This is where keywords placed on your site as part of an SEO plan come into play. Search engine optimization is the way to make sure that consumers who are looking for your products find you first. SEO means choosing effective keywords that search engines respond to. Two ways to find the best keywords are to check out similar businesses in your field and to utilize search engine tools for the most popular search terms. By using the best possible content and keywords, optimum website management can be achieved.


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Promoting Websites Using Social Media & Marketing

Using social media and marketing together is an effective method of promoting your website business. Social media can refer to anything from the shortest tweet to the longest blog manifesto. The common factor is the immediacy of release, potential of quick spread, and ability for response. “Going viral” is great when it’s something positive for your business, yet awful when something offensive or controversial is connected to your site.

Change is the one consistency in social media these days. Currently, photo sites seem to be gaining a stronghold. Make sure your photos and captions are original, well composed, and non-offensive. If you can’t keep up with generating content for social media platforms, you should look into hiring professional freelance writers to create material for you.

Social media can build an awareness of your product. Using proper SEO keyword selections can help those aware consumers find you online. Search engine optimization is the process of using the best keywords on your website to help your business get a higher listing in search engine results.

So much of advertising is truly scatter-shot and just exists as background static. With search engine optimization, an engaged consumer is led to your site first. There are tools from the big search engines like Google and Bing, that list the most popular search terms by industry and product. It’s also helpful to look at your competitors and similar businesses for their keywords. Always remember that when you use social media and marketing together, your website can’t help but be successful.


Cathy Logan is a freelance writer who specializes in consumer topics such as watches and jewelry, 45 records and SEO basics.

Social Media & Website Management: Equal Online Results

Social media and website management can go hand in hand to produce effective sales growth for your business. Consumer awareness and the ability to be found can result in strong repeat sales creating a known brand with buyer loyalty.

There are various social media platforms can be integrated with content that speaks directly to your customers about what’s new in your industry. Don’t trust your social media image to just anyone—the internet savvy intern can’t be trusted to have your best interests at heart while posting! If you’re not comfortable posting on social media platforms, hire professional freelance writers to develop content for you. You can still control the image and the information that gets put out in your name without having to do the daily work of writing and posting online.

If you want to post on photo sites such as Instagram or Pinterest, make sure your photos are sharp, well composed, and something you want representing your business. Always, double check before posting. Once it’s on line, it’s out there. A blog can help drive repeat visits to your site, but it’s a commitment to keep it current with regular posts.

Managing your website can be done easily with tools that can be found online. Are your keywords helping your search engine placement? SEO stands for search engine optimization. It’s a way to insure your site pops up in search engine results. By using the best keywords, your customers will find you first, and you will be listed higher in results. Search engines have tools for finding the most popular search terms per industry, and you should use the ones that are the most popular for optimum results. Social media and internet marketing when used together can help your website succeed for both you and your customers.


Cathy Logan is a freelance writer who specializes in consumer topics such as watches, jewelry, SEO basics, and the history of saddle shoes.

Basic Website Marketing

Looking for fast and easy methods for website marketing? A good place to start is SEO, which stands for search engine optimization. This is an effective way to help the people who are looking for what you sell to find you first. Keywords are the way to insure your site comes up early in web search results. For example, if you sell cat toys, you need to refer to them specifically (yarn & catnip cat toys) and generally (cat toys) to receive the most listings from search engines.

Who are your customers? Look for successful sites that serve them to see what they are doing right. The terms and words your competition uses may be the key to successful marketing. The only constant about the internet is change. You will need to constantly be updating and changing your content. Have some items featured on your site become old? You will need to remove anything that’s dated and replace it with newer selections. Be sure to add any new terms to your keyword for search engine positioning.

Are your competitors all over social media? You need to be there, too. It can be a little overwhelming to maintain a presence on the various platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterst, etc.) so you may want to consider hiring a professional freelance writers to help manage and create posts for you. Decide how you want to be seen before jumping in what you want your social media image to be. Do you want your posting personality to be strictly informational, warm and friendly, or something else entirely different? Whatever it is, make sure it fits your business, and is consistent in all formats.

If you work on choosing the right keywords and have the correct social media profile, website marketing can be a breeze.


Cathy Logan is a freelance writer who specializes in topics such as: fashion & vintage watches, canine health, and SEO basics.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Everyone has more than likely heard the term ‘search engine.’ One would probably think about Google or Bing right off the bat. When you throw in the word ‘optimization’ after search engine, it only makes sense that the meaning of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) must have something to do with perfecting search results. Correct! It is the process of increasing a particular website’s visibility and exposure through online search engines. This creates more traffic, which puts you higher up on the list of search results.

The way SEO works is based on a complex algorithm that determines the relevance of the content on the website to the keyword or phrase typed into the search engine. After all, when you Google search ‘carpet cleaners,’ the last thing you want to see in your search results is a link to a website where you can adopt a puppy! Whether you are a part of a small business or a huge corporation, SEO can greatly affect the success, or lack thereof, of your business. There are SEO companies who specialize in helping other businesses produce better results online by writing descriptive articles about your product that are laden with keywords or phrases relevant to your website. Practically every company these days is online, and if your company website does not have the right keywords in place, then it might as well be invisible to the consumer. The use of Search Engine Optimization companies will only become more prevalent as our world becomes more dependent on the Internet as a marketing necessity.


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Standout in Business with Internet Marketing

Internet marketing has come of age with effective ad placement, SEO strategies, and social media involvement. Today, advertising on popular sites that consumers may visit is just one component of a successful marketing campaign.

SEO stands for search engine optimization and is an effective method to drive consumers to a web site. This involves choosing and placing the correct keywords that appear on the pages of your site. The right terms mean search engines will find you easier. Plus, your site will be presented to consumers more often and higher on the search engine result pages.

How are you picking keywords for your site? There are three ways to find the best keywords for your business. First, check out what your successful competitors are using. There’s no reason to re-invent the wheel. If they have found the way to be found, you need to use those terms on your page. Secondly, the search engines themselves have tools to help you find the most popular search terms in your particular business. Thirdly, ask ordinary people who are not connected to your business, how they would search for your products if they needed you. Their answers may surprise you.

Before you consider a marketing plan, honestly review your internet profile. Are you part of a vibrant community with a blog, social media, and active consumer participation? Or is your site just a listing of the goods and services you offer? If it’s the latter, you might want to hire professional freelance writers to create content for your site. This material will actively engage your clients and can help you appear in prime spots in search engine results. Internet marketing is an on going plan involving keywords and social media for optimum results. It’s the key to making your business a real standout.


Cathy Logan is a freelance writer who specializes in the areas of jewelry, watches, SEO basics, and 1960s troll dolls.

SEO Services Can be Shady!

Most companies in our web-driven world have hired or are in the process of hiring an SEO company. These companies provide SEO services such as building your websites popularity. Although we would like to think that everyone is honest and plays but the rules, there still remain some people and companies who do not.

If an SEO company guarantees you the number one spot on any search engine, be hesitant. There is no way to come through on that promise consistently because the industry is constantly changing. The algorithms set in place to format search results do not stay the same for very long.  Also, steer clear of companies who promise you instant results. They are either breaking the web-masters’ rules or just out to make a quick buck at your expense. Some SEO companies provide optimization services that are considered ‘cheating the system.’ These companies might get you instant results for a fleeting time, but in the long run, their writers will end up hurting your website. Your rank and popularity will suffer. As with any other product or service you are purchasing, you get what you pay for. Companies providing search engine services for a really cheap price are more than likely going to provide really cheap service.

At the end of the day, both parties (you and the company providing SEO services) should both feel content about the services provided and the amount of money spent. Believe it or not, there is a happy medium to satisfy everyone involved!


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