Marketing a Small Business

Your company has been formed and now you’re ready to get started. The only problem is you have no clientele. Never fear you smart, dashing, and may I say handsome, go-getter. You just need to promote your business. But you ask how does marketing a small business work? Well pull up a chair or piece of linoleum, and I will tell you some simple and easy tricks to get you started.

One simple trick is to show your content, don’t tell. As consumers, we are constantly exposed to countless millions of words in a day. You’re press releases are just going to add to those numbers. However, if you were to put that information into a nifty pie chart or a graph, people would be more likely to stop and pay attention. Graphs and pie charts also make it easier for your consumers to process complex information.

Another trick to marketing is social media networking. These days it seems that you can’t go anywhere without some business having a Facebook page or Twitter account. These are valuable tools in your quest to promote your business. They are also a great way to connect with your customers. You can get direct feedback from a tweet about something that in the past you would have to hire a company to find out for you. Say for example, you’re company just launched a new program that gives apples to people. Through a Facebook post to your site, you find that the apples are arriving rotten to customers. You would then be able to change suppliers and still keep your clients from switching to another apple company.

Marketing a small business may seem daunting at first, but with a little work and some ingenuity, you can succeed in the rough and tumble world of small business.  


Ben Byers-Ferrian is a freelance writer. He enjoys writing on nutcrackers, marketing a small business, and swimming.

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