SEO Marketing Strategies

Marketing is like icing on the cake. We marvel at it and it entices us to consume the rest of the product to enjoy. Search engine optimization uses marketing as well. In order to get the users to your page, you have to have a fantastic marketing ability. There are lots of strategies for SEO marketing out there. Some of them work well, while others not so well. I am going to explore two of them in greater detail.

Understanding your target audience is a key strategy. You need to consider what your user really needs and wants out of your information. You therefore need to create useful content. This will allow you to create a great experience for people. If people like the information presented, this will give you stronger signals out on the web as people will be more likely to link to your web page.

Knowing what your competitors have is another key strategy. If you know their strong points, you can play to the weak points. For example they offer quality ice cream, but not a means of transporting it. You could use that as a selling point to consumers as to why they should choose your company over theirs. This would then give you a stronger appearance online and give your users a better experience.

The cake of information is often hidden by the icing of marketing. As consumers, we are intrigued by the glamor and glitter of the promotion. Once the initial intrigue has been satisfied, we stay for the substance of the information. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but rather a means to promote your website. When considering your SEO marketing strategy, make sure to include your target audience and what your competitors’ strengths and weakness are into your strategy. This will be your recipe for success.


Ben Byers-Ferrian is a freelance writer. He enjoys writing about technology, SEO marketing, gourmet food, and headphones.

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