Marketing a Small Business Successfully

Marketing a small business is one the most important aspects of starting a business. Effective marketing strategies can lead to better sales, better visibility and a healthier business. This involves taking a look at your service and doing some research about the current state of your field. Social media is a great way to quickly conduct questionnaires and surveys with a large population of people. Through social media sites you can also find trends in your area, and monitor them as they change.

Having an effective, professional web presence is very important in today’s age of access. Twitter, Facebook and the slew of social networks available can be your best friend. They are your key to unlocking the most potential for your business. Your website needs to be able to effectively communicate your services in a way that both people and web crawlers understand. A clean layout that is easy to navigate will help the general public find all of your content online. You can then use your social media sites to draw people to your site, whenever something new gets posted. Search engine optimization will help sites like Google index your site in the best possible way to gain visibility. When in the design phase, try to stay away from content-rich (such as Flash)or heavy sites as they cannot decipher such content (yet!). There are many companies that employ of content writers out there that can help with SEO. With a little research you can find someone that fits in well with your needs.

Figuring out who your target is and reaching them effectively, is the backbone of marketing a small business. Once your audience knows how to find you and they can freely communicate with you, then you can build meaningful interactions. Be polite and ready to open dialog and before you know it, you will be generating a lot of positive word of mouth!


Brendan Colon is a freelance writer who specializes in education on a variety of topics such as: web design, small business marketing, massage therapy and holistic health

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