Moving up in rank: What is SEO Marketing?

We have all used search engines to find useful content on the internet. They utilize special algorithms to ensure we see the most relevant results, but what you may not realize is that developers can boost the relevancy of their web content. Well known search engines, such as Google and Bing, provide suggestions to developers about how to best design web content to optimize its ranking in search engines. This can lead to effective SEO marketing. So exactly, what is SEO marketing?

SEO marketing is the practice of applying keywords, links, and other improvements to web content to improve how the page is ranked by search engines. Understanding how search engines rank pages, in terms of relevancy and importance, can help SEO marketers to achieve better positioning for their content in search results. Since the methods of search engines are not very visible to the public, an understanding of them can be difficult, but there are common guidelines and professional resources related to the practice of SEO marketing.

Common tips to improve your SEO marketing are to keep relevant information up front, use keywords that users might search for and include them in both a human-friendly URL as well as in the content, and embed text links to relevant content in a clear, hierarchical manner.

Do you want more detailed answers to your question of “What is SEO Marketing?” Check out related online forums or attend professional conferences, such as the Search Marketing Expo or MozCon. In these arenas, you can interact with engineers from major search engines to get their insight about how to better design your content for the top of their ranks. Though there is a lot to learn, practice makes perfect. See you at the top!


Krysten Oates is a freelance writer who specializes in effective SEO content, dabbles in web design, and aims to answer your question of “What is SEO Marketing?”

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