Search Engine Optimization: Scary Words No More

When I hear the words, search engine optimization or SEO, my first reaction is to excuse myself to go vacuum the rug. A lot is said with those three words, but I am here to tell you that you need not be afraid anymore. I am going to give a quick break down of what those words mean and some tips for improving your web hits.

SEO is about how your website creates a great experience for your users. The website should look professional and clean without any major errors or annoying ads that will make the user not want to view the page. It is also about your content and how authoritative it is upon the subject matter.

The search engines will do a quick look at your published website and try to determine the information of your web page. If you are just stuffing keywords into every sentence, your website will be moved down in visibility. How fast your website loads and if it works also plays a role. If the site is slow, users will inevitably seek out other websites for the information they are requesting. Broken web pages are a quick way to the bottom of content searches. The search engine will also look to see if you are an authority on the key search word. If you have other websites linking to you for your information, this causes the search engine to give your website a greater value.

I hope this has made search engine optimization a bit less scary. Just keeping these simple steps in mind will make the process of grooming your site for potential customers a breeze. After writing this all down, I personally don’t feel the need to vacuum my rug.


Ben Byers-Ferrian is a freelance writer.  He enjoys such educational topics such as: Star Wars, Search Engine Optimization, games, and history. His rugs are no longer the cleanest in the house. 

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