Pictures in SEO Content

I like reading as much as the next guy, but sometimes I just want to let my brain relax and look at the pretty colors. I love looking at graphs and pie charts. Pictures are easy on the eye and the brain. Words take great concentration, but with pictures not as much. Pictures in your SEO content are a great way to get people to stay and browse through your website.

Sometimes you have to ask yourself, why do people to stay on a website? It’s a good question, especially if it’s your website your trying to get people to read! People who stay on your website longer are more inclined to come back for more content. Think about it, if I saw a cool pie chart on why ninjas are taking over Japan, I would like to look more deeply at the site to see how the samurai factor in. I will click your web page links and search around for similar information. If I happen to stumble on a picture of ninjas versus samurai versus cowboys, I will be delighted and most likely bookmark your page for a latter day. Now let’s say you tell me about this awesome scenario. I will read about it and be delighted but will probably move on to a different website. I got the information I needed and didn’t feel the need to look deeper into your website.

Informational graphics are a great way to attract users to your site. Graphics are entertaining and lend a professional look to your page. It often takes longer to read through them and yet, graphics illustrate all of the pertinent information with simple pictures. When looking for SEO content for your website, consider pictures as a means to the end goal of more web hits. A final note is please someone make me a picture of ninjas versus samurai versus cowboys. I promise I will view your page if you do!


Ben Byers-Ferrian is a freelance writer. He loves to write about ninjas, SEO content, cowboys, and bunnies.

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