SEO Basics for Vampires

You are a vampire who is on the fast track to success. Your “blood bank” business is increasing, but you are not seeing many fellow vampires, which we will call “consumers,” visiting your website for their blood needs. Why is that? Is your web page not professional enough? Have consumers suddenly lost their appetite for blood? No, my fellow creature of the night, you just need to learn some quick SEO basics to bring your website from page thirty to page one.

Keyword search is an important key. Try to use more refined keywords instead of broad ones. Take the keyword “blood bank” for instance. This is a broad keyword that will be competing with a lot of major donor programs and blood drives. For your niche if you were to use “blood seller for consumption,” your customers would be better able to find your website for the specific purposes of your company.

Each web page on your website should have a specific keyword that you use. This will help your content show to the search engine to rank your web page. For example if your Meta tag or title tag is “blood seller,” your first page keyword could be “blood transactions.” On that specific page, you would have all the information on selling your high quality blood and ways to pay for the transactions.

This is only one of the many SEO basics out there to help improve your website visibility. This is not just for the humans. As a Nosferatu you can improve your business with both the human prey and your fellow blood-suckers. So get out there and drink the blood of success.


Ben Byers-Ferrian is not a vampire despite his avoidance of sunlight and schedule involving activities at night. Ben is a freelance writer. He specializes in such diverse topics as: Star Wars, SEO basics, computers, and non-sparkly vampires. 

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