Social media marketing strategies

The world of marketing has been revolutionized by social media. On-line platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube (among many others) have changed the way consumers interact with advertising. The days of cold-calling and late night television ads are dwindling, with people having much more control over the advertising they see. Social media marketing is about getting the attention of your audience and trying to get them to follow you. How do you effectively find this audience? Well, it never hurts to have a team of freelance writers at your beck and call! A basic strategy can help you focus in on the platform and demographic best suited to your product.

Sit down and ask yourself a few simple questions. Who is your target audience? How can on-line awareness boost your product’s sales? What platform would highlight your product the best? Researching your target audience will help you figure out how to communicate and interact with them in the most effective way. The best thing about using social media to market your business is the communication that you can have with your audience.

This ease of access between you and your consumer leads to effective communications and a better knowledge of the temperature of your product/service in the marketplace. Engaging your audience is key! Do not force your product on your audience, bring them into the conversation. The better your relationship is with your audience, the higher your chances of positive word of mouth (and free advertising) among their friends. Couple effective social media marketing with search engine optimization and you will soon find your web and social media presence flourishing with great word of mouth and consumer awareness.


Brendan Colon is a freelance writer who specializes in education on a variety of topics such as: web design, social media marketing, massage therapy and holistic health.

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