3 Tips for Effective Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization can be a confusing term, but it does not have to be. Understanding these tips will help you avoid the pitfalls of poor optimization. Whether you are with a team of freelance writers or a business owner, knowing how to utilize SEO’s effectively can help boost your web rank and get you more web traffic.

1. Keep it simple!

At first it can be easy to get over zealous and try to get your site working as efficiently as possible using optimization, but the end result can be something only a web crawler can understand, and that does you little good. The key is to have strong web design fundamentals. You want your website to be easy for the common person to use. Your site should be simple to understand and fairly logical and intuitive to navigate. Once they get linked to your site you want them to stay, and find what they are looking for. Quality content is the key to grabbing their attention and to keep them coming back for more.

2. Optimize!

There are always ways to make your site more visible so do not be afraid to try out new techniques. Increasing the quality of your articles, or site coding will always yield results. Practice makes perfect!

3. Keep it current!

Taking into account, the rate at which the Internet is changing, it is not surprising that many search engine optimization techniques of gain visibility for your site have have become defunct, but are still in use. Earning links from other sites is the easiest way to help your site become trustworthy and authoritative. Always use common sense and always do research, because at the end of the day no tricks beat well-written and genuine articles.


Brendan Colon is a freelance writer who specializes in educational topics such as: web design, Search engine optimization, massage therapy and holistic health

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