Paying it Forward: Marketing a Small Business

When marketing a small business, social tools can be of excellent value to you. Many popular and effective ones include social media, attending trade shows, or hosting an open house. While these allow you to interact with your audience and be keenly aware of their needs, they may not provide for the deep impact that proves to be so valuable to any small business with limited resources. To achieve this impact, your best tool is to pay it forward.

When paying it forward, there are many wonderful charitable causes that you can support, and a variety ways to encourage your audience’s participation. A good place to start is to choose a cause that is special to you and contact them to see if they would like to actively participate in an event hosted by you. If not, you can pledge to send them the proceeds from an event and submit them according to the Charity’s instructions. Upon the selection of a charity you can choose to select an event aimed at your target audience. For example, if own a bakery you can sponsor an amateur bake off contest in which the winner receives a scholarship to attend professional cooking classes. If you sell a service or product you can advertise your pledge to forward all payments received within a given time to the chosen charity.

In heading up a charitable event remember that you are doing more than just marketing a small business. You are seeding the good will that benefits yourself, your customers and the world as a whole. Not only will this circle back to you as positive business, it will provide inspiration to pay it forward in every area of your life.


Sabrina Trono is business professional that knows community support can be a great tool in marketing a small business.

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