Keywords within SEO Content

Keywords are the key to success when trying to boost website traffic.  There is an art to using these keywords, key phrases, placement, and repetition within your SEO content. When used correctly, the surge in exposure will be extremely noticeable. Keywords and phrases are what get people to your site when they perform a search.  When chosen wisely, a keyword becomes your best marketing manager.

Once you have researched your keywords and phrases, you need to look at the placement and repetition of them. Keyword density refers to the ratio of how many times a keyword is used in the content of a page.  If you repeat a word too many times, then you could get “dinged” of “flagged” by the search engine police.  Keyword density requirements have been changing. From one search engine to the next the rules vary but, you still don’t want to overload a page with a certain word or phrase.  Professional SEO marketers suggest the best keyword placement is in the title, the beginning paragraph and the last paragraph.  Other than those three strongly suggested places, use keywords naturally without going overboard.

Keywords are basically the building block of being indexed in a search engine.  Placing them incorrectly can cause issues with your overall goal of getting a better page rank.  Creating a happy marriage between your SEO content and keywords will help make your marketing goal more successful.

E. Tweed is a freelance writer who has extensive experience writing about consumer education topics such as: SEO content, fine jewelry and current events.

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