The Key to Online Marketing

Online marketing tends to invoke dread in small business owners. SEO, web page optimization, and social media updates all require great attention to detail. This is what your customers are looking for! This, along with all the time it requires to take action in these areas often leaves owners overwhelmed and wondering if a comprehensive online marketing strategy is really worth the headache. Fortunately, such a strategy need not provoke any headaches if one key rule is observed; keep it simple.

Currently, audiences are bombarded with information in excess. TV, smart phones, gaming consoles, etc. are constantly vying for their attention. There are only so many minutes in our very busy schedules. Many people scan media for the sole piece of information they’re looking for. Often they are scanning multiple things from multiple devices. In order to reach them, and have them retain information, you must keep your message simple.

Use short messages in your titles, update messages and use keywords in your pages. Along with a simple message a great benefit is to simply communicate the purpose of your service or product. Your audience needs to know in an instant what problem you are solving. For instance, a potter would not advertise his goods as ‘vessels to keep food from rolling off your table’. You know without thinking that a bowl will keep unruly fruit in check, but the bowl is about so much more than that, it is about keeping fruit in a convenient and attractive way.

In using simple messages and focusing on how you communicate them, you ensure your audience knows in an instant that your business will benefit them. Additionally, this online marketing strategy will help keep your stress to a minimum and allow you to realize the value of time well spent.      


Sabrina Trono follows growing trends in business, such as online marketing and social media advertising.    

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