SEO Basics: Baby Steps

To SEO companies and marketing guru’s SEO sounds simple. To someone who is new to web site development and marketing it can be very confusing.  The bottom line is that when SEO articles are used correctly, they increase traffic to your site. Understanding these SEO basics, will help you grasp the importance of this tool, especially for marketing purposes or any other reason you may want to increase traffic to your web site. 

How does SEO work? First the user sends a query or what the rest of the world refers to as a search.    The query is sent through the search engines server. The search engines server does the work for you and “spiders” through the servers’ index and further more through the doc servers. The doc servers retrieve content related to the search in less than a second. Your ultimate goal is get your web site to be stored in the index of a search engine. Proper placement of keywords or phrases help get your site indexed, that being the major search engine is aware of your site. The more you are indexed the better page rank you have which is your ultimate goal.

Understanding SEO basics is the first step before deciding how much or little you want to incorporate SEO into your business. Once you feel you nailed that then you can learn more about queries, page rank, keywords, back links, and spiders. Baby steps!


E. Tweed is a freelance writer who has extensive experience writing on such topics as SEO basics, mainstream marketing and fine jewelry.

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