Black Hat SEO Marketing

Once you have made the decision to hire a professional SEO marketing service you need to be aware of “black hat” strategies. Black hat strategies are a big thumbs down when it comes to search engines and their policies. There is a way to use black hat strategies carefully but the risks don’t often outweigh the rewards. Black hat marketing has a high risk and a 1% chance of a high reward.  There are correct ways to use black hat marketing for a site if you have a short-term goal and you expect your site to only be around for 6-12 months.  This might be for those of you that are using a site to get rich quick. Using black hat tactics for long-term results is the wrong way to go as your penalty can be as high as getting black listed from major search engines! 

Black hat SEO marketing violates how a search engine ranks a page in order to improve the page’s ranking. When working with an SEO marketing company you want to make sure they avoid keyword stuffing, link farms, cloaking and other unethical approaches to increase your page rankings.  If you are concerned the company you hired has used black hat tactics there are free audits from law firms that can help protect you.  In the long run the turtle wins the race and your best bet is to go with a white hat marketing agenda. Find a professional content writing service that will work for you and your business within the constraints of the search engine’s rules. When SEO is employed properly, there is no need to cheat the search engine because the results speak for themselves.


E. Tweed is a freelance writer who specializes in a diverse array of consumer education topics such as: SEO marketing, loose diamonds and culinary trends.

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