Start with Web Optimization

Having a snazzy website is great way to show off your small business and all the benefits people receive by being customers. However, if people cannot get to your website, or if they cannot see it in all its glory, they are less likely to become or remain customers. To increase your potential of returning customers, an investment in web optimization would be well warranted.

First, invest your time. Spend it by visiting a website from another computer using a different browser or visit using a friend’s smart phone. Does your banner load well? Can the font be read? Do the colors and pictures display correctly? Having a fresh perspective on how well people can get to your site and what they see will enable you to evaluate what is helping or hurting your business. Using this approach, you’ll be able to figure out the next steps for improvement. Second, invest financially. You can purchase software that automatically formats content or you can hire a professional company that does the optimization work for you. By optimizing the code that creates your page and increasing the visual effectiveness of your site, you will be better able to increase the number of customers.

By taking these first couple of steps into web optimization, you’ll not only increase your web traffic and customers, but you’ll also refine your involvement in your business. This will allow you to better understand how your investments are being spent and keep you current on the state of your business.  


Sabrina Trono enjoys her time spent on helping small businesses realize the benefits of tools like professional consultations and web optimization.

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