What is Search Engine Marketing?

Search Engine Marketing, often shortened to SEM, is a type of marketing via the internet that involves the position of your website when someone uses a search engine. Your SEM rank can vary and the more visible you are, the higher on the page you will appear. It is common to see search engine optimization, SEO, paired with SEM techniques.

SEM is going to cost the company or business money. Many of the popular vendors are Google, Bing and also AdWords. SEM is becoming a popular form of advertising as the needs of companies to reach out to many people are growing. It is important to practice SEM techniques to be able to draw traffic to your website. If you rank low on a search page, the chances are a prospective client is either going to click on someone above you or never even make it down to your rank. Consumers only look at the first few and top results when searching for something.

There are four different ways that you can optimize your business through SEM. These four ways include: web saturation, back end tools, keyword research and also tracking tools. In addition, SEM also incorporates both organic and inorganic methods. Organic mean free and inorganic means paid. Pay per click and AdWords are examples of inorganic or paid results. Organic results are incorporate tactics such as SEO driven content marketing. 

SEM is important for every business but not every business practices it. There is still some confusion between people on the difference between SEO and SEM. Search engine marketing is a beneficial tool which will help companies succeed and gain top ranks through search engines.

Angela Lockhart is a freelance writer who specializes in consumer education topics and is very familiar with how to answer modern questions such as: What is search engine marketing? 

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