Internet Marketing: Expansive Opportunities at Your Fingertips

You have a product and a website. You need customers to make sales. Internet marketing will help you reach out and touch someone. There is a broad ability to connect to customers through social media marketing, e-mail lists, and other effective online outlets.

The internet is an expansive network where you can reach a countless number of customers through social media. Many companies have adopted social media marketing because it is a simple to use and readily accessible format to market to customers. One has only to create an account on any given media website and start creating content that appeals to their customer base. Try a giveaway! Who doesn’t love free stuff? You can watch your following bloom from shares and people sending their friends and followers to see what your company has to offer. 

E-mail lists are another online media base that allow you to promote and advertise your company. Opt-in e-emails from another website that is similar to your company can be a great way to market. Sending out weekly notices about sales, new products and other interesting happenings will garner attention.

Utilizing well-read blog writers to write reviews and informational topics on your product and company can work well to expand your network. Bloggers can use their influence to help future customers gain interest and trust in your company, as well as link to your web page, which also builds the search engine ranking of the site.

Internet marketing is simple and extremely efficient for website owners who are in need of a strong customer base. There is a large pool of available outlets from which to plug in and reach out to pull in sales.


Janae Marshall is a freelance writer who specializes in consumer education topics such as: fine jewelry, fast cars, social media marketing and how to be a successful pirate captain.

Search Engine Optimization and Online Visibility

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the technique of optimizing online content to make it more visible to search engines. SEO content includes commonly used keywords, hierarchical structure, clear text links to related content, and other improvements to web content and site structure to improve how the web page is ranked by search engines.

Effective content optimization includes being mindful of elements such as title tags, meta tags and URL structures. Titles should be concise so they are not truncated when displayed in result sets. Important keywords should appear at the beginning of the title, and it never hurts to include branding in the title, as well. Titles should be readable, but catchy enough to attract visitors to click on your page over others.

Meta tags help to provide search engines with a bit more background information about your content. Search engines use meta robots to control web content crawling, or spider activity. The meta description includes a brief description of the page content, and though this does not help with page ranking, it does provide the user with a brief insight about the page content which may help to persuade them to visit. Meta keywords are not as important to search engine optimization as they once were. URL structures are important in terms of visibility, as they will appear in the search results, the browser’s address bar and as link anchors. URLs that include keywords will be ranked better than those that do not. Overall, short and clear URL formats, without special characters, are better for usability and readability.

Web content that is optimized for search engines will be crawled and indexed more effectively, and will appear more readily, with higher rankings, in search results.

Search engine optimization is especially useful for increasing the visitor traffic to your personal or professional web site.


Krysten Oates is a freelance writer who practices Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for her personal web content.

Online Marketing for Small Business is No Small Matter

Online marketing for small business is one of the most effective ways in which to advertise to a broad and diverse consumer audience. An increasing majority of internet users utilize search engines to locate small businesses, as well as products and services to met their needs. Effective online marketing is therefore a strategic way in which small business can successfully compete with bigger players in the larger market.

Quality online marketing requires investment of both time and effort in order to produce results. The content must be informative, tailored to consumers, but also visible to search engines that typically see a lot less than users do, due to technical limitations. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a practice of designing online content that is visible to search engines. The more visible the content is, the less likely the page will be ignored by search engines during content crawls, and the more likely the page will be indexed by the search engine as relevant. SEO content includes keywords, links, and other improvements to web content to improve how the page is ranked by search engines. Higher rankings in search results lead to better visibility for consumers, and therefore more potential business.

As the billion dollar industry of interactive online marketing continues to grow, so does the utility of online marketing for small business. Whether businesses engage professional help for SEO content marketing or whether they venture to optimize online marketing content themselves, this advertising and marketing technique is an effective way to drive consumers in the right direction.


Krysten Oates is a freelance writer specializing in SEO content and effective online marketing for small business.

Marketing a Small Business

Your company has been formed and now you’re ready to get started. The only problem is you have no clientele. Never fear you smart, dashing, and may I say handsome, go-getter. You just need to promote your business. But you ask how does marketing a small business work? Well pull up a chair or piece of linoleum, and I will tell you some simple and easy tricks to get you started.

One simple trick is to show your content, don’t tell. As consumers, we are constantly exposed to countless millions of words in a day. You’re press releases are just going to add to those numbers. However, if you were to put that information into a nifty pie chart or a graph, people would be more likely to stop and pay attention. Graphs and pie charts also make it easier for your consumers to process complex information.

Another trick to marketing is social media networking. These days it seems that you can’t go anywhere without some business having a Facebook page or Twitter account. These are valuable tools in your quest to promote your business. They are also a great way to connect with your customers. You can get direct feedback from a tweet about something that in the past you would have to hire a company to find out for you. Say for example, you’re company just launched a new program that gives apples to people. Through a Facebook post to your site, you find that the apples are arriving rotten to customers. You would then be able to change suppliers and still keep your clients from switching to another apple company.

Marketing a small business may seem daunting at first, but with a little work and some ingenuity, you can succeed in the rough and tumble world of small business.  


Ben Byers-Ferrian is a freelance writer. He enjoys writing on nutcrackers, marketing a small business, and swimming.

SEO Marketing Strategies

Marketing is like icing on the cake. We marvel at it and it entices us to consume the rest of the product to enjoy. Search engine optimization uses marketing as well. In order to get the users to your page, you have to have a fantastic marketing ability. There are lots of strategies for SEO marketing out there. Some of them work well, while others not so well. I am going to explore two of them in greater detail.

Understanding your target audience is a key strategy. You need to consider what your user really needs and wants out of your information. You therefore need to create useful content. This will allow you to create a great experience for people. If people like the information presented, this will give you stronger signals out on the web as people will be more likely to link to your web page.

Knowing what your competitors have is another key strategy. If you know their strong points, you can play to the weak points. For example they offer quality ice cream, but not a means of transporting it. You could use that as a selling point to consumers as to why they should choose your company over theirs. This would then give you a stronger appearance online and give your users a better experience.

The cake of information is often hidden by the icing of marketing. As consumers, we are intrigued by the glamor and glitter of the promotion. Once the initial intrigue has been satisfied, we stay for the substance of the information. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but rather a means to promote your website. When considering your SEO marketing strategy, make sure to include your target audience and what your competitors’ strengths and weakness are into your strategy. This will be your recipe for success.


Ben Byers-Ferrian is a freelance writer. He enjoys writing about technology, SEO marketing, gourmet food, and headphones.

Marketing a Small Business Successfully

Marketing a small business is one the most important aspects of starting a business. Effective marketing strategies can lead to better sales, better visibility and a healthier business. This involves taking a look at your service and doing some research about the current state of your field. Social media is a great way to quickly conduct questionnaires and surveys with a large population of people. Through social media sites you can also find trends in your area, and monitor them as they change.

Having an effective, professional web presence is very important in today’s age of access. Twitter, Facebook and the slew of social networks available can be your best friend. They are your key to unlocking the most potential for your business. Your website needs to be able to effectively communicate your services in a way that both people and web crawlers understand. A clean layout that is easy to navigate will help the general public find all of your content online. You can then use your social media sites to draw people to your site, whenever something new gets posted. Search engine optimization will help sites like Google index your site in the best possible way to gain visibility. When in the design phase, try to stay away from content-rich (such as Flash)or heavy sites as they cannot decipher such content (yet!). There are many companies that employ of content writers out there that can help with SEO. With a little research you can find someone that fits in well with your needs.

Figuring out who your target is and reaching them effectively, is the backbone of marketing a small business. Once your audience knows how to find you and they can freely communicate with you, then you can build meaningful interactions. Be polite and ready to open dialog and before you know it, you will be generating a lot of positive word of mouth!


Brendan Colon is a freelance writer who specializes in education on a variety of topics such as: web design, small business marketing, massage therapy and holistic health

Marketing and SEO or Mario and Luigi

At first glance, you might think that the two terms marketing and SEO are not related, but as we dig deeper, we find that the two are almost related. Now picture Mario and Luigi from the Super Mario Brothers game on the Nintendo systems. They seem different with different jumps and voices, but are related as brothers. I will explore the complex relationship that marketing and search engine optimization share using the brothers Mario and Luigi as examples. Let us go down the green pipe to our level one example.

One way that the two are related are through what each hopes to accomplish as an end goal. Marketing is all about increasing your presence out on the web and SEO is about getting your website to the top listing of the search engine. Both marketing and SEO, therefore, strive towards the same goal. Mario is always trying to rescue the princess. Luigi is also trying to rescue the princess. So both brothers are working towards the goal of rescuing Princess Peach.

Another way the two terms are related is how they proceed towards their goal. Marketing is a complex process of generating interest into your website. It can be accomplished in many ways by peer-review, social media, press releases, and many more different ways. SEO is all about the tags and content. Proper SEO content drives toward ranking your website and getting other websites to link to yours. Mario and Luigi both jump towards their goal.  Mario has a reliable jump that never changes and is measured equally. Luigi on the other hand, has a jump that is higher and slower. Both jumps are equally important to completing their missions and both rely on the other to make up for their deficiencies. So while marketing and SEO might look like two unrelated terms, they are in fact closer than you would believe. Now go out there and stomp on some turtles because the princess is in another castle.

Ben Byers-Ferrian is a freelance writer. He enjoys writing on video games, toys, marketing and SEO.    

Moving up in rank: What is SEO Marketing?

We have all used search engines to find useful content on the internet. They utilize special algorithms to ensure we see the most relevant results, but what you may not realize is that developers can boost the relevancy of their web content. Well known search engines, such as Google and Bing, provide suggestions to developers about how to best design web content to optimize its ranking in search engines. This can lead to effective SEO marketing. So exactly, what is SEO marketing?

SEO marketing is the practice of applying keywords, links, and other improvements to web content to improve how the page is ranked by search engines. Understanding how search engines rank pages, in terms of relevancy and importance, can help SEO marketers to achieve better positioning for their content in search results. Since the methods of search engines are not very visible to the public, an understanding of them can be difficult, but there are common guidelines and professional resources related to the practice of SEO marketing.

Common tips to improve your SEO marketing are to keep relevant information up front, use keywords that users might search for and include them in both a human-friendly URL as well as in the content, and embed text links to relevant content in a clear, hierarchical manner.

Do you want more detailed answers to your question of “What is SEO Marketing?” Check out related online forums or attend professional conferences, such as the Search Marketing Expo or MozCon. In these arenas, you can interact with engineers from major search engines to get their insight about how to better design your content for the top of their ranks. Though there is a lot to learn, practice makes perfect. See you at the top!


Krysten Oates is a freelance writer who specializes in effective SEO content, dabbles in web design, and aims to answer your question of “What is SEO Marketing?”

Search Engine Optimization: Scary Words No More

When I hear the words, search engine optimization or SEO, my first reaction is to excuse myself to go vacuum the rug. A lot is said with those three words, but I am here to tell you that you need not be afraid anymore. I am going to give a quick break down of what those words mean and some tips for improving your web hits.

SEO is about how your website creates a great experience for your users. The website should look professional and clean without any major errors or annoying ads that will make the user not want to view the page. It is also about your content and how authoritative it is upon the subject matter.

The search engines will do a quick look at your published website and try to determine the information of your web page. If you are just stuffing keywords into every sentence, your website will be moved down in visibility. How fast your website loads and if it works also plays a role. If the site is slow, users will inevitably seek out other websites for the information they are requesting. Broken web pages are a quick way to the bottom of content searches. The search engine will also look to see if you are an authority on the key search word. If you have other websites linking to you for your information, this causes the search engine to give your website a greater value.

I hope this has made search engine optimization a bit less scary. Just keeping these simple steps in mind will make the process of grooming your site for potential customers a breeze. After writing this all down, I personally don’t feel the need to vacuum my rug.


Ben Byers-Ferrian is a freelance writer.  He enjoys such educational topics such as: Star Wars, Search Engine Optimization, games, and history. His rugs are no longer the cleanest in the house. 

Pictures in SEO Content

I like reading as much as the next guy, but sometimes I just want to let my brain relax and look at the pretty colors. I love looking at graphs and pie charts. Pictures are easy on the eye and the brain. Words take great concentration, but with pictures not as much. Pictures in your SEO content are a great way to get people to stay and browse through your website.

Sometimes you have to ask yourself, why do people to stay on a website? It’s a good question, especially if it’s your website your trying to get people to read! People who stay on your website longer are more inclined to come back for more content. Think about it, if I saw a cool pie chart on why ninjas are taking over Japan, I would like to look more deeply at the site to see how the samurai factor in. I will click your web page links and search around for similar information. If I happen to stumble on a picture of ninjas versus samurai versus cowboys, I will be delighted and most likely bookmark your page for a latter day. Now let’s say you tell me about this awesome scenario. I will read about it and be delighted but will probably move on to a different website. I got the information I needed and didn’t feel the need to look deeper into your website.

Informational graphics are a great way to attract users to your site. Graphics are entertaining and lend a professional look to your page. It often takes longer to read through them and yet, graphics illustrate all of the pertinent information with simple pictures. When looking for SEO content for your website, consider pictures as a means to the end goal of more web hits. A final note is please someone make me a picture of ninjas versus samurai versus cowboys. I promise I will view your page if you do!


Ben Byers-Ferrian is a freelance writer. He loves to write about ninjas, SEO content, cowboys, and bunnies.