Internet Marketing Strategies: Get Noticed Now

You and I both know that the internet is a powerful tool for reaching past and future customers. As with any tool, the real question is in the bearer. How are you going to get users to your page? How are you going to convince them that you care, that your products are exactly what they’re looking for, all the while maintaining your budget? Surely, it’s a lot to achieve, but with some clever tactics and some excellent internet marketing strategies, you can get it done on a dime.

This may sound counter intuitive, but one of the best ways to make money is to give things away. This is a fantastic internet marketing strategy. It’s just like sacrificing a pawn in order to take a queen. I’m a small business, you say, what can I give away, especially over the internet? Try giving away an e-book! You can search for SEO content writers who would gladly write content for you. Be sure to find a topic relevant to your industry, then offer it in exchange for signing up on your email list. Bam! Suddenly, your newsletter is hitting in-boxes by the boatload.

Some small business marketing plans can even involve endorsements by a local celebrity. This is more conditional, but having a picture of the local high school’s championship-winning polo team in front of your diner is worth a lot. This dovetails into making videos quite nicely, but sometimes video equipment can be costly. The return, however, can be amazing, if you can work your sense of humor into videos.

Internet marketing strategies come in a rainbow of varieties. There’s a different strategy for every goal. It may take a bit of time and formulation, but a good set of tactics can build trust and leave signposts that are visible for ages. The cost of internet marketing is also usually much less than using traditional media like TV and radio. A rare marking mistake need not be too costly. Be brave and find the best strategy for your business!


Margret Crist has some internet marketing strategies that are totally above your pay grade. Total super secret squirrel stuff. 

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