The Best of Web Internet Marketing

Let’s get one thing straight from the get-go. Web internet marketing isn’t about selling webs or webbing online. It’s about finding a way for small businesses, like yours, to be seen by the folks who need your services. You can have the world’s best rock star customer service, sell the best possible thing product or service, and have a website experience that makes competitors green with envy, but if no one can find you, that’s all just a waste.

The best web marketing, gets your business on the front page of the biggest search engines. What kind of strategies do you use to bring people to your website? The simplest answer is content. You need stuff for customers to find. When a prospective guest searches for the service you provide, you want to be on that front page. Having well-written content, optimized for search engines, while still being written for humans, is a marketing tool called SEO writing and it’s one of the easiest ways to put yourself out there.

Keeping a stream of fresh content keeps satisfied customers returning, too. Blog posts, press releases, free e-books, whatever your content is, as long as you provide a unique or helpful view, people will come back. Once they’re on your site, they may remember that they need your goods or services. The best of internet marketing keeps paying for itself long after you’ve cut the check for the agency. Great marketing, due to the magic of nothing ever disappearing on the internet, can have people coming back to you for years after the content was written. Finding the right note can ensure a steady stream of traffic to you and your business, allowing you to grow and flourish. It’s time to make web internet marketing work for you, not just for the big guys.


Margret Crist has a very large folder in her bookmarks that’s labeled “web internet marketing,” but it’s just pictures of cats. 

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