What is Internet Marketing?

That’s a good question, grasshopper. In this case, as in many, the term is a bit misleading because it’s actually a simple concept. “What is internet marketing?” can lead to answers as broad as spam to blogs. Most simply, it’s any sort of web-based advertising. The goods and/or services which are being advertised may be completely online or off, or any point on the continuum. The field of internet marketing and online advertising is as broad as the field that contains things sold on the internet. It’s vast, is what I’m saying. So how do we get useful results for small businesses.

The question following our topic, should be what kind of internet marketing will work for me? Well, SEO keyword rich blogs are always a great way to start. Blogs, when written by a professional or an enthusiast, are a great way to nab consumer interest. It gives the owner of a website a great way to establish a clear and present voice, as well as giving the company a slightly longer platform from which to speak. Blogs are a great way to talk about your product in a more in-depth fashion, speak about the morals and ethics of your small business, or even ask your customers to share their own experiences.

This question can also be answered by simple ads. Classified style ads are a common order for SEO writing companies to process. These short and sweet ads answer questions directly, for those companies or instances in which time is of the essence. Maybe you don’t feel the need to build a relationship with your customer. Your internet marketing might be in classifieds and banner ads.

While “What is internet marketing” is a good and valid question, I think its greater value is in the way it cleanly segues into deeper and more complex questions, like “what kind of internet marketing should I invest in?” It’s a great starting place, though, for any start up business looking to expand their reach into the world wide web.


Once, Margret Crist asked, “What is internet marketing?” now she is an expert in her field.

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