Spark a Connection with Social Media Marketing

Social media has come a long way in its evolution from non-existent to a globally connected  and incredibly popular phenomena. Millions upon millions of people use it every day to market their personal lives in the hopes of finding friends, getting “likes,” and keeping their family in the loop. Both small and large businesses have realized that if individuals can promote their personal lives, companies can do the same. Social media marketing on a professional level has become the premier way to communicate, engage, and inform consumers about a business on very personal level.

The best way to do this, is to not intrude in people’s lives, but to add value to their day. By having original, entertaining and educational content posted to the various social networks, a business can spark new connections with people that would have otherwise not known about the company or could have cared less about what they do. Social media marketing is more than plastering the internet with ads. People see advertisements every day of their lives and have gotten really proficient in ignoring them. If you can have content that can make them take pause, think, learn, or laugh. They will actually notice your content above the rest.

Consumers of today are wise to the old marketing strategies and can see through them for what they are. The old ways only grab the people’s attention if they already know that they’re looking for what you’re selling. With social media, you can draw attention to your business on a personal level that actually makes consumers care about the well being of the company. This is because they start to see the personal side and not the business side of the company. If you want to spark some long lasting connections, look no further than social media marketing.


Tim Hiller is a freelance writer that has sparked many new connections through social media marketing.

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