Social Media for Marketing

Social media for marketing is one of the most efficient and forward ways to advertise a business. It is estimated the average American spends around 3.2 hours a day on social networking sites like Twitter or Facebook. That’s 3.2 hours of possible exposure for a business! People are going to spend this time on these sites anyway, so using it to advertise a business is a logical and profitable decision.

In this day and age, the focus of the public has shifted significantly from paper ads and e-mails to eye catching ads placed around their favorite sites. As opposed to other marketing tactics like e-mail, social media marketing proposes a unique way of spreading the word about your business. It also offers the customers a chance to connect with your business in a way that will keep them coming back for more.

 Social media for marketing keeps customers interested. Unlike traditional mail that gets thrown away and e-mails that get deleted, a business page on a social media site is likely to get repeat visitors. By keeping a page full of interesting announcements, opportunities to win a prize, and other interactive things, a business will keep customers interested their product and services. A business can even give out exclusive coupons to the people who have connected with the page, which will help get customers to make purchases. Marketing with social media remains popular with businesses and customers because it makes it easy for a business to be interactive with its customers.

Katie Miklos is a freelance writer who creates content about anything from social media for marketing to watches. 

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