SEO Content: Crafting Winning Words

Creating effective SEO content is a highly organized process involving research, writing, linking, and proper use of primary and secondary keywords. SEO content strategies are methods employed by content writers in order to prepare written pieces for the world wide web. Articles are written specifically so that they will be noticed and coded as relevant by search engine organization techniques. This means that while the article will still remain readable, professional and educational for the average web user, it is also tailored to the way that search engines work. In this way, your web content draws people in without being heavy handed. This gets the information across without relying too heavily on formulas designed to communicate in the search engine’s language.

When written in an effective way, an article utilizes the topic keywords sparingly. An article about dog grooming might incorporate the actual phrase ‘dog grooming services’ in a few strategically selected areas within the article. Search engines will see that ‘dog grooming services’ matches the key phrase you plugged into the search bar. Now, it will scan the article for other popular related phrases, which are inserted sparingly as well. In this case, we might see ‘pet haircut services’, and other terms specific to pet grooming. These will be strategically inserted and organically woven into your content article carefully, offering search engines clues as to what the whole article is trying to get at. These pieces of information help the engine determine exactly how relevant your web content is to the search it is trying to answer. Link direction and redirection is also employed at specific points in the article in order to keep collections of relevant content together, collecting them so that they validate one another.

When written improperly, content articles will be seen as spam or not even show up on the search engine radar. Freelance SEO writers are your best bet in order to get functional and clear content. This is just one way SEO content strategies are developed and employed in order to improve search engine traffic and visibility.


Kaelyn Kelly-Colon is a content writer who enjoys writing about jewelry financing and all things related to SEO content. 

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