Engage Your Customers With Social Media Marketing

Captain Jean Luc Picard said it best, “Engage.” He wasn’t talking about social media marketing, but there are some parallels between taking a star ship to warp and kicking your business into overdrive.

By utilizing social media marketing as a way to promote your business, you can reach a huge number of potential customers. Not only that, but you can actually make them want to come back for more time and again and maybe even make them care about what you do. It seems that everyone is on one or more of the social media sites available these days and they’re using it for their personal life. If you approach it properly, your business need not be an intrusion into their lives but can actually enhance and even entertain them.

There are marketing companies that can help you develop a solid social media foundation with the use of their varied and talented freelance writers. The content they create can be as professional, informative or entertaining as you like. You know your business and what engages your customer base. Let the marketing company bring that to social media and see the results as your customer base grows and becomes more engaged with your business.

Social media marketing uniquely allows instant and personal feedback from your customers. Other forms of marketing can’t do that. You can inform customers about what it is that you can do for them or offer special promotions directly to them. You can form more personal connections with them by responding to comments or criticisms. You can even entertain them with pictures from your last company party. By engaging customers in this way, they’ll feel more involved with your business and start to care more about it. If a customer feels good about a particular business, they’ll be more likely to spend their hard earned money there as opposed to going to a competitor with less personality. Be like Jean Luc Piccard and say, “Engage!” Take your business to warp.


Tim Hiller is a freelance writer that believes that proper social media marketing can humanize even the largest corporation, and that Patrick Stewart was and still is the best captain!

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