The Globe in Your Grasp, Online Internet Marketing

There was a time, not so long ago, that the internet was filled with cat videos and animated gifs. A time when business was conducted and advertised by more traditional means. I’m sure that when television and even radio was first invented, very few businesses took notice of the tremendous tool that they would have. The same goes for cyberspace. Online internet marketing has grown by leaps and bounds recently to take a presiding position alongside the likes of printed adverts, radio ads, and television commercials.

In some ways, internet marketing has even eclipsed the old ways of advertising as the premiere method of business to customer communication. It surely has some advantages over the old ways. It can be specifically targeted to reach the demographic of your choosing. Businesses no longer have to do mass amounts of advertising and hope that it drives traffic. With the internet, small businesses can utilize tools and strategies like SEO, or search engine optimization to make themselves stand out above the ever increasing crowd and be noticed by consumers that need or want exactly what that business has to offer.

Being so uniquely specific means that the cost to profit ratio dramatically increases. The advantage is compounded for small businesses that can’t compete, monetarily speaking, with big business. By that I mean that small businesses can’t flood the public eye with advertisements. They just can’t afford to, though they can’t afford not to either. Online internet marketing evens the playing field and allows small businesses to be seen even in the shadows of big business.


Tim Hiller is a freelance writer that believes that online internet marketing can make small businesses more competitive in the global market.

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