Online Web Marketing: To Catch a Customer

Finding new customers is one of the major struggles that small businesses face today. Even with advancements like the internet that allows global coverage, drawing in potential customers is still difficult at best. What is a business to do if they can’t afford to plaster advertisements over all the available marketing channels like the big companies do? Simple, develop the mindset of a spider and build a web that will funnel customers to you. That is the power of online web marketing.

The vast majority of arachnids don’t expend their energy chasing after their prey. They build a web and wait for their prey to come to them. With online web marketing, you can do the same. SEO, or search engine optimization is one of the strongest webs you can have. By having very specific content written for your site, you can create a web of keywords that pertain to what you do and what you sell. This will raise your search engine rankings first and foremost. It will also create a funnel of sorts that will point potential customers your way when they search for any of the keywords that make up your web.

You don’t even need to create, or even maintain that web yourself. There are companies that specialize in SEO content creation that can do all this for you. Their diverse range of writers will ensure that your web will be as strong as possible. That leaves you to manage your business and maintain your current client base by giving more attention to them as your SEO web catches new customers. Don’t go chasing after customers, be the spider, let them come to you with SEO. One of the most powerful tools available for your online web marketing strategy.


Tim Hiller is a freelance writer that doesn’t mind spiders… As long as they’re the search engine kind that make online web marketing possible.

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