What is an SEO Article Writer?

SEO article writers are writers specializing in providing small business websites with articles designed to ensure maximum search engine optimization.  This is an important service for any business needing to draw people to their site. Businesses need that traffic to visit their sites, stay there, and purchase their products and services.  One way to achieve this is to hire a professional SEO service. This service will provide you with freelance writers who will know exactly how to design your articles more effectively for search engine recognition.  The search engines will then acknowledge your website as a valid website. An article writer will provide specific written content which in turn will make business websites gain higher search engine rankings. Well written content includes well-chosen keywords or phrases, proper positioning of keywords and phrases, original text, length of the article, and key word density. When this is done properly, the content will raise the websites relevancy for directing search engine hits and send traffic the site.

After gathering the content, the article writer must then write the article to gain the interest of the reader. The writer’s goal is to provide clients with the service of well researched content for the website articles.  This process is the key step in grabbing and keeping the consumers’ attention. SEO article writers compose the articles in such a way to provide the best results to target both search engines and target audiences. This is an investment every business should consider as a way to increase their website traffic and subsequently, expand their client base.


Paula Nazarian is a published freelance writer who specializes in SEO article writing, cocktail hour and self-inflicted bruising. She typically locks herself out of her car and house by always managing to lose her keys.

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