What are SEO Content Writers?

What is an SEO Content Writer?  Search Engine Optimization content writing is a process of creating optimized content to target specific audiences and create useful information both the readers and search engine systems can understand. Well written content will raise page ranking and content relevancy for effective search engine hits. Some of this content includes keywords or phrases, positioning of keywords and phrases, length of the article, and the amount of times keywords are used. When this is done with the help of a professional service, the business will ultimately end up receiving more web exposure. By bringing more web exposure to the business website, you will also bring in more consumers.

 The three most effective search engines online today are Google, Bing, and Yahoo!. Both Google and Bing have their own search systems, while Yahoo!’s provides data from Bing and no longer uses its own system. Google search systems maintain approximately 65 percent of engine searches and also provide results to Comcast.net, Earthlink.com, and AOL.com. This brings Google’s total search engine results up another two percent. Bing is responsible for 30 percent of searches, including Yahoo!. All three search engines play a vital role in driving traffic to the business website and content writers can make it happen with relevant article writing.

 Small business can benefit from utilizing this type of service and by doing so, will inevitably increase revenue. By hiring a freelance SEO article writer, a company will soon see its rankings climb within the search engines. This will drive more traffic to the website and business to the company. After all, the more visitors you have to your site, the more purchases of your product or services will happen.  Plain and simple.


Paula Nazarian is a published freelance writer who specializes in SEO content writing, cocktail hour and self-inflicted bruising. She typically locks herself out of her car and house by always managing to lose her keys.

3 thoughts on “What are SEO Content Writers?

  1. Great info on content writing and it’s importance. For many websites this could be the best thing possible to do to increase ranking and positioning in the SERPs.

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