Why Use SEO Marketing?

Have you ever wondered why certain websites appear in the top results of Google, Yahoo or Bing? Or better yet, do you wonder why your website isn’t at the top of the results? Even though your site offers the same, or even better, information, products or services. If you have asked yourself these questions, then there is another question you should be asking. Why use SEO marketing?

By following the SEO format for your website or blog, you are effectively making it easier for the various web crawlers to review and catalog your site. This is very important for small businesses on the internet. They don’t have the brand recognition that established companies and corporations do. So, in order for these businesses to have any chance of attracting customers, their site needs to be in the search engine’s database.

Additionally, the SEO format will also help your site’s relevance in the proverbial eyes of the search engines. For example, you sell quality doohickeys on your site, but you also have an affinity for thingamajigs that you talk about, but not sell on your site. In this case, your priority is the quality doohickeys because they make you money. If you don’t use SEO formatting on your content creation for your site, it’s possible to confuse the web crawlers into thinking that you sell thingamajigs. Now the customers looking for quality doohickeys won’t be able to find your website and they’ll shop elsewhere. You don’t need a business degree to understand the negative impact that this scenario would have on sales.

So why use SEO marketing? Simple. By doing so, your website substantially increases the chances that it will be found, by showing up near the top of the search results for quality doohickeys.

Tim Hiller is a freelance writer that believes that asking questions like why use SEO marketing is the best way to combat fear of the unknown.

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